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Seedbox autoupload to google drive with rclone

If you are an avid seedbox user, here is another option for automatic uploads to google drive.
There are many ways of achieving this, including a cronjob.
I like this option, as it only runs rclone when a torrent completes.

Using inotifywait to watch for file system events, we look out for primarily the ‘move’ event.
When your torrent completes, it moves the completed torrent into the completed folder.
When this event takes place, when then execute

Setup rclone and scripts

Permissions and PATH

Once you have setup the 2 scripts, make them executable


If ~/bin is not in your path, then add it and reload your shell

Edit Path

Finally you can either run the main script in a cronjob or do as i do, and run it in the screen session

Finalize and run in the background

Screen session

You can read more about inotifywait and rclone here

Namecheap DDNS Updates via DD-WRT

DD-WRT has limit support for different DDNS update mechanisms.
A simple workaround is the following script.

Login to your router and go to Administration > Commands

Add the following to the startup script, modifying it for your details

Finally, go to the Administration > Management and add a crontab to update it hourly.

Enjoy 😉

Debian Sid Intel I217-V Not Working

After scouring for ages looking for this fix. I’ve decided to document it.
It comes form a number of sources. Kudos to the individual people.

Rebooting from windows into Linux renders the NIC unusable. the classic “lights are on but no one is home”
Some people advice disabling PXE etc in the bios. There is a better solution

Identify the NIC

Create a systemd oneshot service file

Reset NIC bash file

Make it executable

Synology Filebot Autonaming cron job

Having a synology NAS is great. However when dealing with 32tb, good file management is a must!
I have 2 primary folders, Films and Series. The set of below scripts iterate the files and use the TVDB and MovieDB to clean up the file names.
The second scripts downloads any missing subtitles for the media 🙂

File renaming

Subtitles scripts

Cron Job

Tcpdump password siphoning to IRC with redis

A somewhat controversial topic!
As of late there is greater and greater push for transport later security. rightly so.
Below is an example of using tcpdump and ncat to log insecure http/pop/smtp etc.. traffic at a network boundary and log the results into irc chat.



How it works
Create the 2 files below, make sure redis is running, and start them.
It doesn’t mater which one you start first.

IRC bot