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Python column provider for Gnome Files (Nautilus)

Below is an example of a python column provider for nautilus.
Identifying poor quality video files 480p, 720p … is difficult in nautilus at a glance.

You need to open the file properties to view the video metadata.
While there are a number of extensions out there for EXIF etc, i decided to implement my own.
Originally i tried to use MediaInfo, but it was far too slow. This is what i ended up with.

To activate it, just login and logout, or kill nautilus and restart it.

preview nautilus

Create target directory and file

Install python libraries

Add this to ~/.local/share/nautilus-python/extensions/

Namecheap DDNS Updates via DD-WRT

DD-WRT has limit support for different DDNS update mechanisms.
A simple workaround is the following script.

Login to your router and go to Administration > Commands

Add the following to the startup script, modifying it for your details

Finally, go to the Administration > Management and add a crontab to update it hourly.

Enjoy 😉

Golang script to pull bandwidth usage from digiweb

I wrote the following script to pull broadband usage form digiweb.

Its fairly hilarious that digiweb are so badly organized.
They are still using smart telecom forums for customers to access pertinent data.
Furthermore the connection is http rather than https.

Here’s to passing un-encrypted passwords over the wire! 🙂

Digiweb figures are exactly 10% more that what DD-WRT reports. Interesting observation 😉

Enjoy 😉

Golang DD-WRT Bandwidth Usage with Conky

I setup a golang script to fetch the DD-WRT bandwidth usage for the previous 2 months, as well as the last 30 days(rolling).
Using conky then i can display it on my desktop.
My ISP (digiweb), don’t provide any means to check your bandwidth.
Picture at end of post 🙂

Golang DD-WRT script

Conky script Integration


Debian Sid Intel I217-V Not Working

After scouring for ages looking for this fix. I’ve decided to document it.
It comes form a number of sources. Kudos to the individual people.

Rebooting from windows into Linux renders the NIC unusable. the classic “lights are on but no one is home”
Some people advice disabling PXE etc in the bios. There is a better solution

Identify the NIC

Create a systemd oneshot service file

Reset NIC bash file

Make it executable