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PHP Binance API

I’ve been spending some time helping out the the PHP Binance API over on github – php binance.

check back in soon, i’ll be releasing a containerized PHP bot for currency trading 🙂

For now you can get started with the API



PHP Binance API

Eir SMS Web Text in PHP

Simple PHP script to send EIR SMS texts via Eir website

The code

Bordgais Energy Charts

Work in progress. script available soon including gas bills.

Synology Filebot Autonaming cron job

Having a synology NAS is great. However when dealing with 32tb, good file management is a must!
I have 2 primary folders, Films and Series. The set of below scripts iterate the files and use the TVDB and MovieDB to clean up the file names.
The second scripts downloads any missing subtitles for the media 🙂

File renaming

Subtitles scripts

Cron Job

Download CSIS Notes quickly!

This handy little script will download all your coursework in a jip

youll need php 5 and mod php_curl!