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Nautilus thumbnail generator (threaded)

I found a modified a python script to do multi threaded nautilus thumbnail generation.
With a large NAS, i don’t want to spend time waiting for thumbnails to be made, while entering a folder.

Run this as a cron job once a week and have thumbnails pre-generated 🙂

The code

Distributed FFMPEG using Google App Engine

I’ve developed a distributed ffmpeg google app engine solution.

The solution uses a combination of publish subscribe and redis queues for distributed communication.

Its composed of 2 services which scale horizontally (default and worker).

Coordinator (default service and human interface)


PyGTK Threaded Nautilus Filebot

As a heavy user of Nautilus and Filebot, i decided to integrate the two.
Following on from my previous article on column providers for nautilus, here as the additional functionality for nautilus filebot integration.
Its a basic threaded extension; for the most basic and most used operation, “Strict file renaming”.

It solves 95% of my usage scenarios. To find out how to use the code, see the article


FileBot Nautilus

The code

Python column provider for Gnome Files (Nautilus)

Below is an example of a python column provider for nautilus.
Identifying poor quality video files 480p, 720p … is difficult in nautilus at a glance.

You need to open the file properties to view the video metadata.
While there are a number of extensions out there for EXIF etc, i decided to implement my own.
Originally i tried to use MediaInfo, but it was far too slow. This is what i ended up with.

To activate it, just login and logout, or kill nautilus and restart it.

preview nautilus

Create target directory and file

Install python libraries

Add this to ~/.local/share/nautilus-python/extensions/

Local Mini Python

This application is a port of my C# application called localmini.
It is entended to be a desktop interface for and

This is my first program in PyGTK.
The program currently is a desktop tray application that monitors urls in your clipboard and prompts you using dbus,
issuing the option of fetching a minihref from

Once fetched the minihref will be placed in your clipboard for usage in IM conversations, forums boards etc.
It Also uploads files to through the right click menu context on the tray icon
This upload option i hope to add to the nautaulis context menu also.

Just like the C# appliation it will soon have extended functionality of reading urls from firefox, uploading files and
screenshots to, email link functions and hotkeys, hotcorner and other functionailty.
Basic functionality is there, preferences dialog is basically a shell, awaiting link up to the underlying classes.


Tray View

Dbus Link Notification

Dbus Fetch in progress Notification

Dbus minhref recieved Notification

Dbus upload to localhostr progress

Dbus upload to localhostr complete

Preferences Gui


Any linux system with Gnome DE
PyGtk >=2.0


Download Localmini Pygtk