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WordPress booking system (

I’ve been working on a wordpress booking system, and its currently live on

Check it out, let me know what you think!

Lol @ AIB

Bit of a repost, blast from the past if you will,
I made a beautiful application for AIB banking for which I received this nice letter from AIB (below).

A friend sent me this today, I would just like to take this time to say hello back to AIB.

Hello AIB

Nice letter from AIB

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Linux Group Policy

As i was asked for screeenhosts, i decided to set up the site

When i get chance, ill throw up the full codebase, download + instructions


Osama Bin Laden original ( Gary Meyil 2004 )

Drop a mail to me if you interested in buying 😉

Impending exams + Conscription

AW GAWD!!!!!

Haven’t done a tap and only 4 days to go. But to be fair it was an awesome day today!!!!
Any thing different,. No not really, the key to college is to turn up and nail the assignments.
it makes your life a lot easier and revision a lot easier.

As for all those who are waiting for updates on my side open source projects.
2 weeks now!