Bordgais Energy Charts

Work in progress. script available soon including gas bills.

Distributed FFMPEG using Google App Engine

I’ve developed a distributed ffmpeg google app engine solution.

The solution uses a combination of publish subscribe and redis queues for distributed communication.

Its composed of 2 services which scale horizontally (default and worker).

Coordinator (default service and human interface)


Android Digiweb App

For the first time in 5 years i banged out an android app, and here it is Digiweb broadband usage indicator.
It fetches your broadband usage and displays it as a widget on home screen. Fairly basic, but does the job nicely.


PyGTK Threaded Nautilus Filebot

As a heavy user of Nautilus and Filebot, i decided to integrate the two.
Following on from my previous article on column providers for nautilus, here as the additional functionality for nautilus filebot integration.
Its a basic threaded extension; for the most basic and most used operation, “Strict file renaming”.

It solves 95% of my usage scenarios. To find out how to use the code, see the article


FileBot Nautilus

The code

Python column provider for Gnome Files (Nautilus)

Below is an example of a python column provider for nautilus.
Identifying poor quality video files 480p, 720p … is difficult in nautilus at a glance.

You need to open the file properties to view the video metadata.
While there are a number of extensions out there for EXIF etc, i decided to implement my own.
Originally i tried to use MediaInfo, but it was far too slow. This is what i ended up with.

To activate it, just login and logout, or kill nautilus and restart it.

preview nautilus

Create target directory and file

Install python libraries

Add this to ~/.local/share/nautilus-python/extensions/